As many of you may know, Express Yourself Weddings & Events is a full service wedding planning, coordination and floral firm, with its main mission to put your signature expression on all your special celebratory events. We pride ourselves on bringing a quality thought-out event design to life. We understand how stressful event and wedding planning can be and for this reason we created a multi faceted boutique event firm, which allows you to come to a one stop shop for everything you need. Not only will be take care of planning your big day and putting your unique touches on this important event, but we also take care of the logistics of the day, provide you with gorgeously designed florals and put you in touch with professional vendors who can take care of all the other important design elements. In order to provide you with quality floral design, we believe in continued education. For this reason, we put into the time into a 4 day one on one mentoring session with the one and only Becky at Bloom School Toronto.

Our four day mentoring session was one to remember. We learned everything from creating the perfect corsages & boutonnieres, to gorgeous table centerpieces, to bridal bouquets, to large floral urns, to a floral installation. We want to continue to bring the best product and services to our clients and the only way to do that is to continue growing and learning from inspiring people in the industry. Becky not only welcomed us with open arms, but made sure to teach us as much as possible during the four days we spent with her. We provided us with helpful tips on each piece we created and made sure to answer all the questions we asked. She was simply wonderful.

To grow is to continue learning. We hope to continue learning from admiring professionals in this business and to continue being inspired by each of you that walks into our lives.

Expressively Yours,
Grace Barbosa-Chin

All Photos Taken By: Kimon Kaketsis & Carinayu Photography